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If you start thinking about using SEO to improve the ranking of your website, you should hire the services of SEO companies instead of trying to do it on your own. Since SEO is a very specialized subject and needs knowledge and experience about the latest techniques, tactics, and technology essential to adhere to Google guidelines, it is always wise to leave it to the experts. The experts, in this case, are either SEO agencies who have the required infrastructure and resources for delivering services on their own or outsource the entire service package from SEO resellers for servicing their clients. In the latter case, the SEO agencies are just middlemen that deal with clients directly but have to ensure the quality of service. When selecting the SEO agency, you can check whether they are a direct service provider or reseller.

As the popularity of SEO is growing, the competition in the SEO market space is getting more intense. Every business is now inclined to implement search engine optimization, and there are innumerable companies offering SEO services at almost throwaway prices. You are likely to get any SEO package available for as little as $299 a month.  It might sound just unimaginable, but true.  The competition has resulted in a price war with every SEO company trying to bring down prices of their service package as much as possible, and this has given rise to SEO reselling.

Since creating a complete infrastructure for delivering SEO services by hiring trained and experienced professionals to develop a pool of resources in-house is quite expensive and it increases the price of service offerings thus rendering it uncompetitive. Therefore, to keep prices low and get an edge in competition, SEO agencies are assuming the role of resellers to gain access to a ready pool of resources and infrastructure that cost them much less than creating their infrastructure.  That has given rise to white label SEO that you hear about a lot in the SEO corridors today.


White Label SEO

If you want to use SEO services, you don’t need to learn a lot about them, but you should at least be familiar with the vocabulary of the industry as it will help you understand things better. Knowing the vocabulary can help to distinguish between similar sounding words that having different meanings. Like, when dealing with SEO agencies you hear about white hat SEO and white label SEO spoken in the same breath but should know the difference between the apparently similar terms.

White hat SEO means following the rulebook or Google guidelines when implementing SEO, garnering traffic organically. On the other hand white label SEO is a term used to describe the process of outsourcing the services to deliver SEO packages to clients. Any company interested in offering SEO services to its clients without setting up its own infrastructure can hire SEO service packages and become resellers to start the business instantly.  Whether the SEO agency follows white hat SEO is another matter.

In this article, we will explain how white label SEO works so that you can evaluate the SEO agency without any illusion. You will be able to understand how much the agency would be able to look after your SEO interest and sustain the campaign for long-term gains.


The Distinguishing Marks of White Label SEO

There is a way to know if a SEO company has its infrastructure and capabilities of delivering services and does everything on its own without any assistance from other companies. When companies resell SEO services, they never disclose the identity of the outsourcing company to their clients, and therefore the offering is generic without any brand identity. The company that owns the product and has created it remains in the background while the SEO agency that acts as the middleman poses as the service provider. The company in the middle can even use their name to sell the package, and it might be difficult to make out the originating company for the services.

However, you don’t need to worry about the arrangement that works behind the scene; you should judge the company based on the quality of services delivered. It doesn’t matter who is at the end of the tunnel as long as you are getting results by following white hat practices.


Stick to White Hat SEO

Since the quality of SEO services rules supreme, you have to be very diligent in your choice of SEO agency so that you know well if they offer white label SEO.  In case, they are doing reselling you have to be extra cautious to ensure that you deal with a reputable SEO agency that has been doing business for some time with a good track record in customer services and not any fly by night operator.  The latter type would mostly try to impress clients with quick SEO gains, which is never possible unless they follow black hat SEO.  It can spell trouble for you as Google might come down heavily on the campaign for unfair SEO practices.  It does not mean that working with an SEO reseller is bad, but you have to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

When signing the contract with the SEO agency, make sure that they remain accountable for their work and follow the best SEO practices which automatically ensure quality.


Quality of Customer Service

The quality of customer service of the SEO agency is an indicator of its reliability no matter whether they are reselling SEO packages or providing the service on their own.  If the SEO agency takes complete responsibility in satisfying customer needs and does not stop till they make customers happy, it is a sign of their reliability. It shows they would stand by their commitment to delivering services of the promised quality. It is a definite way of ensuring that the SEO agency will not engage in any clandestine activities that might jeopardize the SEO prospects of clients.

On the other hand, if the customer service is poor, it shows that the agency does not have any responsibility towards its clients and it is always better to keep away from such companies that can put you in trouble.  Talk to some of the existing clients of the agency before selection to know about the quality of customer service as well as the ground reality.


Judge the Work and not the Person Behind it

The deliverables in SEO services regarding better rankings, more traffic, conversions, and revenue as well as ROI provide the desired results.  The label of the agency, if it is a reseller, is hardly a matter of concern as long as you remain assured that it follows Google guidelines without trying to cut corners and can meet the expectations about the deliverables. If the SEO agency does not maintain a transparent relationship with its clients except for not declaring the name of the outsourcing company it is a red flag for its clients.

When you enter into an arrangement with an SEO agency that allows you to control your data so that you can check it for yourself, it means that you are in good hands.