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Maintaining a clean and user-friendly website is not enough to make it to the good books of Google. To find a place in the first few positions of the SRL, you need more than great content and excellent user interface. Millions of websites are competing for user attention and organic traffic, and probably thousands of them belong to the same niche as your site. After the digital boom, it has become increasingly difficult for new sites to make space for themselves on the web. Finding a dedicated audience no longer depends upon the keyword research only. The traditional SEO factors remain imperative, but several new aspects have become a part of the rank-race.

Getting backlinks is one of the most significant factors for any website’s SEO. The domain authority of the site linking to your website also contributes to your website’s ranking. As you probably already know, website content can have several external and internal links. External links carry more weight than the internal ones when the question of ranking arises. These external links point towards another site with relevant information. The quality of the site and the relevance of the info will determine the UX significantly. Therefore, the external links or the backlinks determine how Google or any other leading search engine perceives your site.

It can be difficult to convince any reputable site with a significant number of visitors to link to your content, and that’s where guest blogging becomes relevant. It helps site owners and bloggers find external links from authoritative sites within their domain. In reality, even the best bloggers in town require content daily. They need to refresh the content on their platforms from time to time. A majority of them are ready to add new content to their blog, as long as the material is enjoyable for their target audience.

Right now, there might be hundreds of bloggers looking for new content. The tricky part is to find them at the right time. While others beat themselves up to find the answer to “how to do find guest posts,” Today, you are about to find out more about some of the best ways to find guest blogging opportunities.


Through social networking

  • Be Blatant

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and this is one of those times. You need to ask your followers on Facebook and Twitter for guest blogging opportunities. You need to reach beyond your friends. Look at the friends of friends, fellow bloggers, connected entrepreneurs and bloggers with mutual friends. You can forget typing those scary emails. Just send them a direct message (avoid public walls) and ask if they know anyone from your niche in need of a guest blog. Make sure that it doesn’t sound as opportunistic.

  • Search For Them

It is one of the most straightforward ways to find blogging opportunities on someone’s blog/site. Most social media platforms are specialized search engines. Moreover, bloggers like promoting their work on social media, especially Twitter. Most writers like to promote their new blog on social media. You need to know the search phrases like “guest post,” “guest blog,” “guest blogging,” “guest blogger” and “writers needed.” Once you get the drift, it should be easier for you to find the blogs.

  • Start Building Your Own Network

When you have to find people you want to work with, you should always turn to LinkedIn. It is a professional networking site that allows you to visit profiles of bloggers, check their work and connect with them through direct messages. Check out other off-beat social blogging platforms including Tumblr and Blogger.


Use search engines

  • Search on Google

It is another obvious way to search for guest blogging opportunities. However, the lack of filtering options confuses the users. Once you have the blogs you want, you need to check their guest post history. Check their website to find out if they have any published guest post. You can use any of the queries juxtaposed by “” –

  • Guest post
  • Guest post by
  • Submit a guest post
  • Become a contributor
  • Accepting guest post

If a blog allows guest posts, you will likely find multiple results against these searches.

  • Google Blog Search

When you are tired of running the searches on Google, you need to check out the Google Blog Search. Using a dedicated blog searching engine will help you locate blogs belonging to your niche and websites that host blogs similar to yours. Most bloggers swear by this lesser-known method, and it does reward the users with multiple hidden gems from time to time. Google is the best search engine there is, but even it cannot find the niche blogs from the crevices of the web. A dedicated blog search engine can do that for you.


Visit the communities

  • Guest Blogging Communities

No matter how bizarre that sounds, some communities specialize in guest blogging only. It is a beautiful thing to have people connect with others on a platform depending on their blogging needs. Honestly speaking, it might not be the best place to meet the trending bloggers and internet big-shots, but it is the best place to begin your guest post adventure. Apart from opportunities, you will also find actionable advice and guidance from fellow bloggers.

  • Blogger Directories

Link directories are the forbidden land, but blogger directories are the lesser-known paradise for new bloggers. They will give you access to the best-known and busiest blogs in your field. You will be able to read some of the best blogs in your industry and find out who the best bloggers are. These blogs have massive link juice in-store, and they will be able to render enormous volumes of traffic to your site.

  • Forums and Communities

Everything has forums. There is no reason blogs should be an exception. In a dedicated blogging forum, you might come across webmasters and fellow bloggers in search of guest bloggers. Most of the dedicated platforms make it easier for people to look for such opportunities than generic Q&A forums like Quora. Be sure to take some time to look around, weigh your prospects and then ask for guest post chances. Make sure you have a positive reputation on these communities before you start blogging on other sites.


Get back in touch with previous guest blogs

  • Ask for Another Opportunity

It should work when you have already posted on a blog, and it has performed well. If the first post had generated traffic and improved conversion rate, you could always ask for a second. You should try guest posting on blogs you have previously explored. It is a powerful link building tactic, but it is also a potential PR strategy you need to master.

You will often find bloggers among the followers and commenters of your post. Interact with them, reply to comments often, visit their blogs and leave comments on their articles as well. It is also a chance to build your blogger’s network that will give you the opportunity to explore new possibilities of link building. Never shy away from asking when you see the right opportunity. Use your online presence as your portfolio and dive into the deeper end.